Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nash at Pottery Barn story time

Also known as 3 Crocs in a row. Our friends Marji and Maya also joined us, but they weren't in this cute picture. Anyway, PBK has storytime every Tuesday at 11, and I plan to be there every Tuesday at 11. It's good for Nash. And maybe eventually he won't spend half an hour getting up into and down out of his chair. (He was no worse behaved than any of the other little ones there!)


Yes, yes, it's true that Nash has multiple trucks in various sizes, Mr. Potato Head with 50 parts, 3 sets of blocks, puzzles, a play kitchen, a play stroller, stuffed animals galore, a mickey mouse activity plane, a tunnel and playhouse, a jack in the box, a violin, a sushi set, an animal clinic,doctor set and tons of books, among other toys. And yet, going back to when he was a baby, about as old as Margot is now, Nash has always had a special place in his heart for tupperware.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Grammy's visit

OK so we're not the first people to take the picture. But it's so irresistably grody. Creepy crawly roaches are cool.

Margot in a cute little number her Grammy knitted for her.

Grammy with Nash and Margot at the butterfly house

Last week was a busy one! Nash and Margot's Grammy was in town and we kept pretty busy showing her the sites in St. Louis (which included a few yarn shops) and Ballwin. We went to a few toy stores, went to the carousel and butterfly house, made a stop at the Quilted Fox so I could get a new sewing machine (finally!) and played with the kids. This is Peggy's second time seeing Margot live and in person, and it was nice of her to confirm during her visit that Margot really is as cute and as happy as she seems in the pictures on this blog. And of course Nash is Grammy's favorite little boy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

251 posts

I've broken the 250 mark. I may have slowed down a bit, but am still going strong with the blog, always glad we have it.

Nash and Margot's Grammy Peggy is visiting just in time for some nice weather. The last week and a half has been great, nice and warm and mostly sunny. We spent some time outside with our friends, including our new friends Avery and Chloe. Here's a picture of Nash after coming down a slide at Avery and Chloe's house!

Oops! If I hadn't said anything you'd think he was doing baby yoga, right? Is that a toddler slide, or a rocket launcher??

And here's the little man again in his new sportswear (4T!!) and loving his new bike from Grammy. It's all he can talk about bike bike bike bike. I think it will not be easy to get him used to wearing the bulky knee and elbow pads and helmet.

And the girls relaxing on the lower patio, on a gorgeous day. I look forward to more days like this! I hear St. Louis has a nice long Spring. So far I'm not having any allergy issues, knock on wood. I've been spending as much time as possible outside, even doing a little gardening while the kiddos sleep.
Speaking of sleep, Margot has gone through a series of difficult nights this week. She's rolling over both ways now, but is quicker to go tummy to back. Since she sleeps on her back, this has started becoming a major problem. We took her out of her swaddle at night so that she could flip back over, but it hasn't helped yet. She's been sleeping with a pacifier the past few nights, and I'm a little afraid to get into that habit, but it's helping her. So for now if it helps we'll stick with it. Of course then if it falls out I have to get back up and pop it back in. I don't think it'll be long before she's sleeping through the night though. I hope.

One last thing. I don't think I blogged about switching Margot into her convertible car seat.
It looks HUGE when she's in it!! She looks a little scared, doesn't she? This was her first day in it last week. Taking her out of the bucket car seat has made for some interesting shopping trips. Last Friday she laid down on a blanket in the back on a shopping cart at Whole Foods!! It looked a little funny, but she didn't mind :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ready to share with the world

I've been keeping a blog of my crafting that I haven't really been openly sharing. But now I feel like I'm ready. Please feel free to check out what I've been up to!
The address is www.sucreandspice.blogspot.com. I'm posting a link from this page, check the bar on the right. I hope you like it.
Sometimes the two might have similar subject matter. Like now!
Here is a little dolly I put together from a pattern Marji bought and was nice enough to give me. It's from www.abitofwhimsy.com. It's a cute little doll, and once I made her skirt I thought it'd be downright silly not to make something adorable for Margot to wear and match!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A morning playing outside!

Wow, a picture with me in it? Divine intervention, or just a kind passer-byer? (But the person in front of me at the Starbucks drive-through bought my drink for me!! Thank you kind stranger!)

Nash's first encounter with a live snake. He asked me to circle around so he could see it again. "More??"

Nash playing at the bell tree. Good fun!!

Seriously. Biggest. Koi. Ever. Huge. They could eat Margot whole. Luckily, she didn't want to hang over the bridge and look like Nash did.

Even Margot looks annoyed with me for taking pictures everywhere we go. Get used to it kid! I will document our lives, gosh darn it!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Crazy kids

Trying to catch up on my blogging, one entry wouldn't suffice. Be sure to scroll down and see our New Orleans adventures too!

Here's what cute little Margot does when I turn around to leave after I put her down for a nap. She's like a little alligator peeking up over the water. It's soooo cute.

If I come back I get a BIG smile!

Thought it was also time to post some pictures of the little missy trying to eat her rice cereal.

This isn't a beignet!

But it's kinda fun anyway.

And Nash has all kinds of tricks up his sleeve. How can one toy ever get boring when there's so much to do with it? Build 1,000 different shapes, wear it as a hat, or possibly anklets, bracelets and arm bands!

We hope you're reading this, Nanny, and it makes you smile. Love and hugs to you and Grandpa Harvey!!

Behind on my blogging- oh no!

Boys at the aquarium. Learning all about Rays and Sharks.

Nash looking at the passing streetcar

Wooooo! Party time for the babies on Bourbon Street!

First step on a streetcar

Taking a peek out the window

Straight from the airport to Franky & Johnny's!

How will I ever catch up? I'm overwhelmed. Last weekend was our trip to New Orleans. We really wanted to go because we thought Nash would love being on the airplane and riding on the streetcar, and we weren't at all disappointed. He spent 3 days absolutely glowing. He's still talking about his adventures. He looooved the streetcar. We went on it 3 different times. He kept asking for more! We also managed to squeeze in a little good eating... Cafe Du Monde, Franky & Johnny 's, Camelia Grill, room service at night from John Besh's restaurant Luke, Croissant D'or, La Divina Gelateria... mmmm. We also took them to the Aquarium of the Americas, which Nash and Margot both loved. It was fun fun fun fun fun. New Orleans is a wonderful place. I hope Nash and Margot will get to grow up loving it and thinking that it's as special and Ray and I do. If we get to have more trips like this one, I'd say chances of that happening are pretty good.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We had an impromptu photo session this morning at Picture People. We were trying to do some shopping for our trip to New Orleans, but were easily lured in by the man juggling at the door. So the Finkels and the Pratts had some fun little pictures taken. And Margot and her big brother had their first (professional, or at least semi-professional) portrait taken.

I have also been meaning to share one of Ray's baby pictures. I think it looks shockingly like Margot!!

Sweet baby Ray :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Exciting changes and exciting places

Sunday afternoon feet

I guess the big news of the day is that Margot has officially taken her first bite off a silver spoon. She tried rice cereal on Saturday and made funny faces and got a little of it down. Yay Margot! Equally as amusing was Nash's reaction when he tried a spoonful of what his little sister was eating. I'll get the video up here soon, it's not quite ready yet.

Margot's also had her first wearing of hair bows (very exciting for Mommy.)

Little faces are so sweet!

Last night I started telling Nash all about the trip he's about to take to New Orleans and that he's going to go in a plane, and ride on a train (the streetcar) and eat donuts (beignets) and see horses (mules pulling carriages in the Quarter). And it turns out I didn't need to say much to get him excited because after that he was bringing us our shoes and talking about riding in the plane and train and wanted to go NOW. And then got quite upset that I wasn't bringing him to do all the fun things I talked about. So that was a mistake. Usually telling him "soon" will subside his desires but that wasn't cutting it last night. I haven't gotten him out of his crib yet this morning, but I'm pretty sure the firstthing he's going to say will either be "horse" "plane" or "train". So I'm going to have to come up with something to do today involving those things. Wish me luck.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's all in the eyes

Please take a look at this picture, then answer our new poll on the right :) (You can click on the picture to enlarge it.)

Margot lacing beads

Baby Power

Baby Power
Representin all the babies in the struggle

I'm a super cool little baby.

Bundled Up

Bundled Up

First Crawfish Boil!

First Crawfish Boil!

My favorite picture

My favorite picture

One day old

One day old
Already a little man.

Looking for the waitress

Looking for the waitress

Check out my cords

Check out my cords

First smiles 4/11/07

First smiles 4/11/07

Playing w/ the other kids at Maymont

Playing w/ the other kids at Maymont



Mosaic of Nash"s first year

This way to the seafood buffett!

This way to the seafood buffett!

honey pie

honey pie